Developing Nations Worse Off Than Developed Countries In Dealing With Coronavirus

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Developing Nations Worse Off Than Developed Countr
The coronavirus pandemic appears to be abating in Britain, the United States, and several European nations. In these countries, cases of infection have reduced and deaths have declined too.

On the other hand, this pandemic is spreading rapidly in the developing nations of the world. Coronavirus cases in developing countries have overtaken those countries across the world where this contagion had spread like wildfire. 

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The health infrastructure in developing countries is fragile, and so, there is a threat of an explosion of the contagion if lockdowns are removed and economic activities are restarted.

The condition is very poor in India, Brazil and Russia. Over here, the cases of the coronavirus infection have increased very swiftly in the last two weeks.

At present, a total of 85,970 cases in India, 2,02,918 cases in Brazil and 2,52,245 cases have been reported in Russia.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the number of new infections in developed countries has declined by over 40% in April but the contagion is spreading rapidly in emerging economies.

The WHO says that emerging economies spend 3% of the GDP on health services, whereas developed countries spend upto 8% of the GDP on the same.

The coronavirus is spreading expeditiously in Russia, Brazil, Iran, India and Mexico. In these countries, the GDP’s global average expenditure on health is much less than 6%.

In Brazil, free medical service is a legal right but the country’s health infrastructure is weak. Over here, despite it being a legal right, people cannot get medical treatment because there is a massive shortage of hospitals.

Meanwhile, there are all kinds of facilities for the rich, including beds in the ICU for their stay.

However, the poor, dependant on government hospitals for treatment, are dying in large numbers.

Hazards from the coronavirus are increasing in African countries as well. The WHO has expressed the fear that if the situation does not improve, then the coronavirus contagion could hit over 4 crore people and almost 2 lakh deaths could take place in 12 months.

The WHO has warned that the pandemic is acquiring a terrible form in South Africa and Cameroon.

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