France Paralysed As Workers Strike Against Macron's Pension Reforms

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Key Services Disrupted As French Workers Strike Ov
More disruption to key services rocked France as nationwide strikes over proposed pension reforms continue for the second day, affecting public transport, schools and hospitals.

Clashes were reported in several French cities when at least 8,00,000 people including police, lawyers, doctors and transport staff protested on Thursday against President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to introduce a universal points-based pension system.

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French unions have called for more mass demonstrations on Tuesday.

The industrial action against Macron's pension plan results in:

  • Cancellation of almost all high-speed train services and hundreds of flights and most of the Paris metro system will remain shut.
  • Travel difficulties are expected to continue into the weekend.
  • The prospect of fuel shortages is growing after union workers blocked seven of the country's eight oil refineries.
  • Schools remained shut with many teachers on strike. Hospital emergency rooms will run with minimum staff.
Many protesters say the planned reforms would remove the most advantageous pensions for a number of jobs and force them to work longer for a lower pension. They are also angry as the new system would see them retiring later or facing reduced payouts.

The general strike draws comparisons with the 1995 national strikes that paralyzed the country's transport system for three weeks, forcing a government climbdown.

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