Here Is What Happened Last Time When Top Court Got Involved In US Prez Elections

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Republicans To Approach Supreme Court: Here Is Wha
Votes continue to be counted in the US, and incumbent President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden are witnessing a dramatic nail-biter contest. But amid the counting of votes, Trump created a stir around the world after he accused Biden of rigging the election process. Trump accused the Biden campaign of ‘stealing the victory’ for Democrats and said he would knock on the door of the country’s highest court against the ‘fraud’.

President Trump addressing his supporters at the White House, said: “We were going to win this election. Frankly, we did win….” He said it’s “a fraud on the American public.”

If we talk about the results of the elections, according to the US news channel NBC News, Biden leads with 220 electoral votes, while Trump is not far behind and remains in the race with 213 votes. The counting of millions of votes is still going on. And this includes the most postal ballots because Americans were hesitating to go out and vote this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which led to much higher ballot turnout. But Trump has claimed victory prematurely as votes are still being counted. Likewise, Joe Biden also says the Democrats are on the verge of victory.

By the way, in the history of the US, even before, candidates and parties have turned to the Supreme Court over the results of the presidential elections.

Earlier in the year 2000, the case of counting of votes in the state of Florida went to the Supreme Court. In fact, first news channels projected as Democratic candidate Al Gore winning in Florida, but a short time later turned it in favour of Republican candidate George Bush. Later, the case reached the Supreme Court and the court stayed the result till 12 December, terming the counting of votes as unconstitutional. The court later dismissed re-election, declaring Bush victorious in the state with 534 votes, giving him 25 additional Electoral votes. With these crucial 25 votes, Bush became the 43rd President of the United States. Thus, this time the road to the White House is not easy for both Trump or Biden.

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