Hypoxia Researchers Jointly Felicitated With 2019 Nobel Prize For Medicine

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Hypoxia Researchers Jointly Felicitated With Nobel
The 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded jointly to Hypoxia researchers, William G. Kaelin Jr, Gregg L. Semenza who belong to the US and Britain's Peter Ratcliffe “for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability.”

"They established the basis for our understanding of how oxygen levels affect cellular metabolism and physiological function," the jury said, adding that their discoveries have "paved the way for promising new strategies to fight anemia, cancer, and many other diseases.", the Nobel Assembly said.

It is the 110th prize in the category that has been awarded since 1901. The Karolinska Institute, which awards the Nobel Prize for medicine, said in a statement the trio should share equally the 9 million kronor (918,000 US Dollars) cash award.

According to Wikipedia, Hypoxia is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Hypoxia may be classified as either generalized, affecting the whole body, or local, affecting a region of the body.

An elderly person with Hypoxia

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