Indian American Turns Overnight Hero After Sheltering Over 70 Protesters in Washington

by Amitabh Joshi 10 months ago Views 1441

Little did Rahul Dubey know that he would turn out to be an angel in Washington to protesters fearing for their lives. Dubey took over 70 protesters into his own home after they were trapped on a one-way street past the curfew hour of 7pm in Washington on Monday night.

Facing riot police, who like many other police forces in the US are being called the real rioters, scores of demonstrators found themselves hemmed in from both ends of the area of Swann street when Dubey opened the doors to his house and yelled at them to rush in.

There were people all over his house, from the bedrooms to the back yard to the basement. They were there the whole night, certainly saved from a battery of police who bore stun guns, flash-bang ammo and batons and who were sparing no one, edged on by a President in the White House who was encouraging force against those peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd.

Most of those sheltered by Dubey were very young. Police even came up to Dubey’s house and launched pepper spray, leaving dozens coughing and gasping for breath. The police ‘mob’ stood menacingly outside the house for a long time until at 6 am, those huddled inside could legally leave. Dubey had literally looked after them throughout that night.

The next morning. Crowds of those he had sheltered and their supporters came to cheer their 'hero of Swann Street'. Among them were people of all races and creeds.


Rahul Dubey is a first generation Indian American. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and owns his own healthcare company. Right now, the 44-year-old 'angel' is undoubtedly the most popular Indian American in Washington DC, or perhaps, even in the United States itself.

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