Indian Students Dismayed as US Imposes Fresh Restrictions on Foreign Students

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Indian Students Dismayed as US Imposes Fresh Restr

The United States has once again created trouble for foreign students. The US has said that if the classes of foreign students, who are taking admission now, are being conducted online, then it will not give visas to such students nor allow them to enter their country. This announcement from America has hurt the hopes of thousands of Indian students who were preparing to go to the US for studies in the current session.

Recently, the US had said that if classes in educational institutes have gone online, then the visa of foreign students will be canceled and sent back to their country. But this decision was withdrawn due to opposition from big educational stalwarts including Harvard and MIT.

Now once again by issuing notice in US colleges, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have said that if foreign students who register after March 9 opt for online classes, then they will not get visas. However, this decision will not affect foreign students taking online classes while living in the US.

The American Council on Education, an organisation of universities in the US, expressed disappointment over the decision. The organisation’s vice president, Brad Farnsworth, said the new guidelines were disappointing.

Statistics show that Chinese and Indians are the largest number of foreign students studying in America. The impact of this decision has already started to unravel on Indian and Chinese students. This year a record application has been filed for admission in the Delhi University. According to stats, a total of 4 lakh 66 thousand children have registered for admission in DU this year, which is 50,000 more than last year. Delhi University has also shifted the registration date from 18 July to 31 July.

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