Iranian Missile Likely Downed Ukrainian Plane, Western Leaders Say

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Iranian Missile Accidentally Downed Ukrainian Plan
An Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian airliner that crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran killing everyone on board, leaders of the US, the UK and Canada has claimed.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cited intelligence which suggests that Ukraine's Boeing-737 passenger plane crashed due to Iran's missile attack, adding that Iran may have "accidentally" downed the Ukrainian jet. The leader has called for a full and thorough investigation into the crash, which killed all 176 people, including 63 Canadians.

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“We recognize that this may have been done accidentally,” the Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau said at a news conference in Ottawa.

On the other hand, Ukraine has sought unconditional help from the United Nations to probe the accident.

However, Iran has ruled out a missile attack on Ukrainian airliner and asked Canada to share an intelligence report. Also, Iran has called on Boeing officials to conduct an investigation into the crash.

The plane crashed just hours after Iran targeted two US military bases with over a dozen ballistic missiles in Iraq.

Of all 176 passengers killed in the crash, 82 were from Iran, 63 from Canada, 11 from Ukraine, 10 from Sweden, 4 from Afghanistan and Germany, 3 were from Britain.

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