Jersey City Shootout Leaves 6 Dead, Including One Police Officer

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Jersey City Shootout Leaves 6 Dead, Including One
At least six people have died in a shootout at a Kosher market in US’s Jersey city. Among the dead are one police officer, two gunmen and three bystanders. Sounds from the firing kept reverberating in nearby residential areas for a long time. The two gunmen had assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

According to the initial investigation by the Jersey Police Department, the two gunmen first opened fire at Joseph Seals, a 40-year-old veteran officer of Jersey Police. They then escaped from there in a truck and barged into a store in the Kosher Market. In the store, the gunmen shot dead three people and then began firing at police officers.

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According to Mike Kelly, chief of Jersey Police Department, the shootout began at 12.30 p.m. on Tuesday. At that time, the Jersey Police also found out that officer Joseph Seals had been shot one mile away.

In retaliatory action, two police officers suffered gunshot wounds but they were discharged after treatment. According to Jersey Police, the suspects had hoards of advanced assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The help of a special police squad was sought in the encounter of these gunmen. 

James Shea, director, Public Safety Department of Jersey City has ruled out the angle of terrorism in this shooting. It is not yet clear why the gunmen opened fire and what was their motive. 

President Trump has expressed his grief at the shooting in a tweet. He said, “Our thoughts & prayers are (with) the victims & their families during this very difficult & tragic time. We will continue to monitor the situation as we assist local & state officials on the ground.”

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