Mahatma Gandhi Statue Outside Indian Embassy In Washington Vandalised

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Mahatma Gandhi Statue Outside Indian Embassy In Wa

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC has been vandalised by unknown miscreants. To find out who broke the statue, the Park Police of Washington DC has started an investigation. The US Ambassador to India, Ken Juster, has apologized for the incident.

The US ambassador also expressed concern over the death of black civilian George Floyd and the subsequent violence and sabotage. He said that we are all united against all forms of discrimination and prejudice. We will come out of this soon and will be better than before.

It is being speculated that the agitators in Washington DC protesting against racial violence are the ones who desecrated Gandhi's statue. The agitators targeted Mahatma Gandhi's statue, accusing him of being racist. This is not the first time that Gandhi is being accused of being a racist.

Meanwhile, all the four police officers associated with the death of unarmed black civilian George Floyd have been charged. Demonstrations were held across America to bring justice to George Floyd. Following the massive arson and looting, more than 10,000 agitators were arrested.

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