Many Countries Set To End Lockdown, Italy Announces Relaxations From May 4

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Many Countries Set To End Lockdown, Italy Announce
A large population across the globe is currently under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and the world economy has come to a standstill. After living through 30-40 day long lockdowns, the situation is now expected to change in several countries.

Italy is among the countries most affected by the coronavirus and 26,644 people have died here. People have been stuck inside their homes since March 9 here but now, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced a relaxation in the lockdown from May 4 onward.

Around 2 lakh people have contracted the coronavirus in Italy so far but now, concessions are being given to people locked up inside their homes.  

While schools will not open here before September, parks and factories will open and construction work will re-start. 

Restaurants and bars will also open from May 4 but only home delivery and takeaway facilities will be allowed. Shops, museums and libraries will also open from May 18 onward.

On Sunday, 260 people died due to the coronavirus pandemic in Italy, which is the lowest figure so far since March 14. The government believes that the contagion is on the decline and people can be given some respite.

Meanwhile, 23,000 deaths have taken place in Spain so far and concessions are being provided here too, after a six-week lockdown. 

Over here, children upto the age of 14 have been allowed to step out of their homes for one hour daily. During this time, parents can also accompany their children.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has said that her government has managed to end the coronavirus pandemic and its community transmission has stopped. Ardern has announced concessions in all restrictions from Tuesday.

Amid this, British PM Boris Johnson, who has reached his office at 10, Downing Street after defeating the coronavirus, has spoken of keeping the lockdown in place. He said that the contagion is currently at its peak in Britain.

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