National Guard Protects White House, Trump Threatens To Send in Army to End US Riots

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As America saw a seventh night of rioting and unrest, President Trump threatened to bring in the Army to quell protests and rioting across US cities.

40 cities are under various stages of curfew currently, including New York and Washington DC, which saw heavy looting and vandalism throughout Monday night.

In a sight not seen before, several trucks carrying National Guard troops entered the White House area. As President Trump is continually being blamed for making irresponsible statements during the crisis, there was outrage on Monday when peaceful protesters were violently dispersed in front of the White House so that he could walk across to a damaged church to deliver an address in what is being called a ‘photo-op’. Active duty US military police have also been deployed in Washington.


In Louisville, Kentucky, police shot at protesters, killing one. Protests continued across cities, with major unrest in Los Angeles and Oakland. The National Guard has been deployed in 23 states. Meanwhile, a private autopsy of George Floyd has concluded that he died of asphyxiation.

In Minneapolis, the spot where Floyd died has turned into a makeshift shrine with hundreds turning out to lay wreaths and kneel in solidarity.

46-year-old Floyd died after a police officer sat on his neck for a prolonged period in broad daylight, in a harrowing attack caught on video. The policeman, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with murder. He along with three officers who accompanied him, have been fired from the force. Chauvin was set to appear in court on Monday, but the appearance has been put off by a week.

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