Riots Break Out In Sweden's Malmo Over Right-Wing Extremists Organising Quran-Burning Rally

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Riots Break Out In Sweden's Malmo Over Right-Wing
A riot erupted in the city of Malmö in the southern part of Sweden when around 300 people associated with a right-wing party were trying to organise an anti-Islam rally.

During the riot, protesters opened fire and got involved in vandalism. Bottles were also thrown at the policemen. The day before, right-wing extremists burned the holy religious book of the Muslims, the Quran, in the city of Malmo.

News agency Reuters quoted Malmo's spokesperson as saying that the situation is not under control at present but efforts are on. The spokesman said that a riot erupted during the rally effort, which is related to burning the Quran during the day. According to the spokesperson, the right-wing party workers had regrouped at the same place where they lit the Quran.

Anti-Islam activists gathered in Malmö on Friday. During this time, three men were hitting a copy of the Quran by foot in the public square. It is being said that the reason behind the riots is not allowing the right-wing party to take out an anti-Islam rally.

According to local media, the right-wing activists became enraged when the rally was not allowed and around 300 people gathered at the city square. Meanwhile, there was a confrontation between the police and protesters and a riot broke out.

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