Saudi Arabia Urges Muslims To Delay Hajj Plans Until Coronavirus Pandemic

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Saudi Arabia Urges Muslims To Delay Hajj Until Cor
Saudi Arabia has urged Muslims intending to perform the Hajj to delay booking amid uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing that the pilgrimage could be cancelled this year.

Hajj Minister Mohammed Banten citing the safety of pilgrims and citizens, asked them to “wait before concluding contracts”.

"Saudi Arabia is fully ready to serve pilgrims and Umra seekers in all circumstances. But under the current circumstances, as we are talking about the global pandemic, from which we have asked God to save us, the kingdom is keen to protect the health of Muslims and citizens,” Mr Banten said.

"So we have asked our brother Muslims in all countries to wait before concluding contracts [with tour operators] until the situation is clear,” he said.

Each year, some two million Muslims travel to Mecca and Medina and take part in the Hajj pilgrimage.

In February, the Kingdom took an extraordinary decision to close off the two holy cities to foreigners and had placed a ban on religious visits from Umrah pilgrims in a bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Restrictions have tightened in the country after at least 1,563 confirmed cases and 10 deaths.

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