Six Lakh Hong Kongers Vote For Democracy In Unofficial Polls, China Calls It ‘Violation’ of National Security Law

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Six Lakh Hong Kongers Vote For Democracy In Unoffi

After the new security law implemented by the Chinese in Hong Kong, the political atmosphere in the semi-autonomous remains hot. In an informal voting held ahead of the Assembly elections to be held in September, six lakh voters of the city voted in favour of democracy. At the same time, China has opposed the event, as well as calling it a violation of the new National Security Law. China agencies issued a statement on Sunday night accusing Benny Tai, the head of the event, of mobilising foreign forces. China has also said that many tried to seek ‘revolution’ under the pretext of this event.

The results of voting conducted in the event were to come on Monday but it was delayed due to non-completion of counting. However, on the basis of electronic votes, democracy supporters have supported the trends.

China also defended its actions to prevent protests in Hong Kong last year. China says that the new law will be used on only a few people, while many countries including the US and Britain have opposed the law. Foreign governments say that the provisions in the law are vague, a threat to freedom of expression, and to the city's identity as a global economic hub.

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