Smoke From Australian Fires Due To Come Back After Encircling The Globe

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Smoke From Australian Fires Due To Come Back After
The fires in Australia are not just causing devastation locally.

The unprecedented smoke from the raging bushfires is due to come back over the continent after circling the globe, US space agency NASA said.

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The smoke has billowed into the lower stratosphere, reaching 17.7 kilometres above sea level. “Once in the stratosphere, the smoke can travel thousands of miles from its source, affecting atmospheric conditions globally," Nasa said.

Over the past week, NASA satellites have observed an "extraordinary amount of smoke injected into the atmosphere from the Australian fires and its subsequent eastward dispersal".

NASA noted the "smoke is having a dramatic impact on New Zealand, causing severe air quality issues across the county and visibly darkening mountaintop snow".

"Beyond New Zealand, by Jan. 8, the smoke had travelled halfway around Earth, crossing South America, turning the skies hazy and causing colorful sunrises and sunsets," the agency said.

The fires have so far burned through over 12 million acres in New South Wales and 3 million acres in Victoria this fire season alone, killing at least 28 people and destroying over 2,000 homes.

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