Trump Targets US Supreme Court, Says ‘Election Fraud Not Being Heard’

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Trump Slams US Supreme Court, Says ‘Election Fraud
US President Donald Trump has once again refused to concede defeat in the presidential election, questioning the country's justice system. On Sunday, Trump said that it might be difficult to get his election fraud and manipulation allegations heard before the US Supreme Court. With this, Trump reiterated that he would not accept that he had lost the election, accusing the courts of refusing to hear his case.

Trump alleged in a TV interview that his election lawsuits had been unfairly blocked. In a conversation with Fox News, President Trump said “he was trying to “put the evidence in and that the judges won’t allow us to do it”. We have so much evidence, he said. Ignoring the usual boundaries between his office and the judicial and law enforcement system, Trump complained that the judiciary and FBI are not helping him.

Raising questions about the Supreme Court, Trump said that if it does not interfere, then what is the point of Supreme Court? He said that we should have been heard by the Supreme Court as this election was “100% rigged”.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden called to refrain from harsh rhetoric and to listen to each other again. “We are not enemies. we are Americans,” Biden said.

Despite Trump's attack on the legitimacy of the US election system, his legal team has yet to provide any evidence. Most US courts have dismissed cases filed by Trump. The most recent case was filed by a group of Trump supporters from Pennsylvania against Joe Biden's victory in the state, which the Supreme Court turned down.

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