US Election: Verbal Spat Between Trump And Biden Over Victory Claims

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US Election
Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden's victory as the next president of the US is almost certain. On Friday, Biden took lead over his rival Donald Trump in two key states, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and is looking very close to achieving a historic victory. But amid the trends coming from different states, the war of words between Trump and Biden is not letting off.

Joe Biden tweeted, And what is becoming clearer each hour is that record numbers of Americans — from all races, faiths, religions — chose change over more of the same. They have given us a mandate for action on COVID and the economy and climate change and systemic racism.”

In another tweet, Biden said the numbers tell us a clear and convincing story: We are going to win this race.

Furious over Biden's victory claim, Trump said, “Biden shouldn't wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also”. He also said that “legal proceedings are now beginning!”

Earlier, Trump's campaign team issued a statement on Friday after seeing the impending defeat that they will challenge the results in Court. Trump campaign’s General Counsel Matt Morgan says Biden's claim of victory is false and the electoral race is not over yet. Even before this, Donald Trump has declared he will move the Supreme Court alleging vote-rigging and now the result of the US presidential election seems to be stuck in a legal battle.

Biden currently has 253 electoral votes while Trump has only 214, while the magic number of electoral votes to reach the White House is 270.

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