US: Midnight Update From Battleground States; Biden Inches Closer To White House

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US: Midnight Update From Battleground States; Bide
The whole world is keeping a close eye as the race to the White House intensifies. Million of mail-in ballots are still being counted while sitting President Donald Trump and his supporters are calling to stop the counting while the Democrats and their supporters demand every vote to be counted. 

Most US television networks have given Joe Biden 253 to 214 lead in Electoral College votes, which determines the US President. Each state has a different number of electoral votes (EV), depending on the size of the population. For eg, Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes while Alaska has just 3.

Biden would become the next POTUS by winning Pennsylvania, where currently Trump is leading by 18,229 votes but the former Vice President is narrowing the gap pretty quickly and is averaging 80% while he only needs to average near 52.67%. Winning Pennsylvania means 20 electoral votes and that’d take Biden past the magic number of 270 and seal the Presidential race. Or Biden could become President by winning two out of the trio of Georgia (16 EV), Nevada (6 EV), and Arizona (11 EV).

On the other hand, Donald Trump is currently ahead in Alaska (EV 3), Georgia, North Carolina (EV 15), and Pennsylvania but except for North Carolina and Alaska, his lead is not too wide enough to hold the most powerful constitutional office in the world. Trump needs 56 electoral votes while Biden needs 17 from the remaining states. 

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