US Signs Historic Peace Deal With Taliban In Doha

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India To Be 'Observer' At Historic US-Taliban Peac
Washington and the Taliban on Saturday signed a long-sought peace deal in Qatar's capital Doha that would allow the withdrawal of thousands of US troops from Afghanistan and a permanent ceasefire. The agreement lays out a timetable for the final withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

India acted as an “observer” to this landmark signing event. India's envoy to Qatar P Kumaran witnessed the signing after India was invited by the Qatar government.

After the deal gets signed, the two foes have agreed to end the nearly two decades of war which began since Sept 11, 2001 attacks and killed tens of thousands of people. Since then, the US has lost 2,352 soldiers in Afghanistan.

Diplomats from several UN member states including Afghanistan, the US, India, Pakistan gathered alongside a 31-member Taliban delegation at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, a five-star resort overlooking the Arabian Gulf where the peace deal was signed today. 

Earlier on Friday, US President Trump in a statement urged Afghans to embrace prospects for peace and “a new future” for their country.

The Taliban and Afghan leaders, including from the government, are expected to meet within 10 to 15 days of Saturday's signing.

They are expected to negotiate a post-war framework and discuss issues including a permanent ceasefire, the rights of women and minorities, and governance.

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