World Media Targets BJP Over Delhi Violence

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World Media Targets BJP Over Delhi Violence
The controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which grants citizenship on the basis of religion, has claimed more than 60 lives across the country so far.

The largest number of deaths (34) have occurred during communal violence in Delhi, which has dominated headlines in the international media and is now being watched by the entire world.

In most of their reports, prestigious international newspapers have held the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), currently in power at the Centre and PM Modi responsible for violence and deaths.

Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General (SG) António Guterres, has said that the (SG) is deeply saddened by the news of deaths in Delhi. He says that given the circumstances, there is a need to practise restraint and stay away from violence.

Apart from the UN, global media have also strongly criticised the Central government over violence in Delhi, which has hurt India’s international image.

The New York Times has used the heading “The Roots of the Delhi Riots: A Fiery Speech and An Ultimatum”. In this report, putting BJP leader Kapil Mishra in the dock, the New York Times writes how he threatened and gave an ultimatum to Muslim protesters to move from the protest site.

The Washington Post, another US publication, mentioning the 2002 Gujarat riots, termed the communal violence in Delhi as the second riot in the political career of PM Modi.

Renowned French newspaper Le Monde, in its report titled ‘New Delhi plagued by violent inter-community conflicts’, has written that protests against the discriminatory CAA have escalated into violence between two communities, for which people with a ‘Hindutva’ mentality are allegedly responsible.

Britain’s noted newspaper The Guardian has held PM Modi responsible for the Delhi riots. In its editorial, The Guardian has written that the Narendra Modi government passed the prejudicial CAA and BJP leader Kapil Mishra gave an ultimatum to expel protesters. 

Another major London publication, The Independent, in its report, has mentioned the Supreme Court hearing in which the apex court had reprimanded the police for failing to stop the violence. The paper wrote how supporters of the Central government were attacking people of one particular community, setting their shops ablaze and raising inflammatory slogans.

Apart from this, Australia’s The Star and the Herald Sun have also given space in their reports to the three-day-long communal violence in Delhi, which could affect India’s image globally.

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