World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos’s Phone Allegedly Hacked By Saudi Crown Prince

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World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos’s Phone Allegedly H
Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and owner of Washington Post, had his phone “hacked” in 2018 and personal info compromised after receiving a WhatsApp message purportedly sent from the personal account of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, as reported by UK’s Guardian.

The encrypted message from the personal number of Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is believed to have a malicious file that infiltrated the phone of the world’s richest man and began sending unusually large volumes of data, according to the results of a digital forensic analysis.

The forensic analysis found it “highly probable” that the hack was triggered after by an infected video file sent from the account of the MBS to Bezos.

Earlier in March, Bezos’s security consultant, Gavin de Becker, accused the Saudi government of hacking Mr. Bezos’s phone as an attempt to hurt him because he owns The Washington Post.

The revelation also raises serious questions on how US tabloid the National Enquirer came to publish intimate details of Bezos’s private life - his romantic involvement with Lauren Sanchez - a former TV anchor.

It also brings under scrutiny the case of Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post journalist who was critical of the Saudi government and was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Saudi embassy in Washington on Twitter rubbished the claims and called the allegations “absurd”.

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