282 Manual Scavengers Died In The Last 4 Years

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282 Manual Scavengers Died In Last 4 Years: Centra
Latest figures of the Social Welfare Ministry presented in the Lok Sabha reveal a frightening picture of the deaths of labourers while cleaning sewers. 

According to the Ministry, 282 manual scavengers have lost their lives in various parts of the country in the last four years; 50 people in 2016, 83 in 2017, 66 in 2018 and 83 people till November this year, have died while cleaning sewers.

The Social Welfare Ministry also said that among these people, 156 have been given a compensation of Rs 10 lakh each.

The largest number of sewage deaths was from Tamil Nadu (40), followed by Haryana (31), Delhi and Gujarat (30), Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh (27), Karnataka and Rajasthan (17). Two labourers in Madhya Pradesh and one in Chhattisgarh died during sewer cleaning.

The practice of manual scavenging had been banned in 2013 by passing a law. But even today, around 60,000 people are engaged in manual scavenging in the country. 

In the 21st century, this figure is highly shameful for India.

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