ANI Named In Disinformation Campaign, Reveals EU NGO Report

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ANI Named In Disinformation Campaign, Reveals EU N
A European NGO named EU DisinfoLab based in Brussels, the capital of Belgium has published a report, accusing the news agency ANI. The report titled 'Indian Chronicles' claimed that some Indian stakeholders are running a disinformation campaign through the news agency to polish the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discredit foreign institutions.

The report said that India's largest video news agency Asian News International (ANI) and a trade group called Srivastava Group ran 'disinformation campaign' i.e. fake and one-sided news. Significantly, the Srivastava Group is the same group which organised a tour of members of the European Union after the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

The Disinfolab's nearly one-year-long investigation has been prominently covered in France by large media groups such as Les Jours, which published a fake news expert's statement about this report, pointing to the 'disinformation campaign' being run in India as a network that compared Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential elections. At that time, there were allegations that Russia had influenced the elections by running one-sided narrative on social media.

The investigation report posted on the EU DisinfoLab website shows that a special kind of Narrative is being run under the leadership of Srivastava Group which ANI amplifies due to its large subscriber base. According to the report, it all started in 2005 and continues till date.

In this particular narrative, countries with which India does not have good relations are portrayed in a bad light. This is done especially with Pakistan and to a lesser extent China.

The report describes how Srivastava joined the group and 10 United Nations-recognised NGOs to create an atmosphere in international forums such as the UN and the European Union in favor of India and in opposition to Pakistan. Later, ANI presents the reports of NGOs associated with the same Srivastava Group in such a way that Indian viewers feel that Modi's decisions are getting a lot of support in Europe. The Disinfolab report states that ANI presents the news "deliberately twisting".
However, the ANI has dismissed the allegations and termed it a Pakistan-sponsored conspiracy.

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