Bad Foreign Press Over Citizenship Law Hits India

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Bad Foreign Press Over Citizenship Law Hits India
Amid the growing opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in the country, its scrutiny in the foreign media has also increased. The media in several countries has expressed its concern over the central government’s new citizenship law, which grants citizenship on the basis of religion.

Along with media in India, foreign media is also depicting outrage over the controversial citizenship law. The reporting in foreign media organisations is delivering a jolt to India’s image on the international level.

The New York Times, in an article, has called the citizenship law divisive and written how Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s support in his areas of influence and control has decreased due to protests against the law across the country and how Modi is now on the backfoot.

The Telegraph, a popular newspaper in England, where Indians have settled in large numbers, has written that PM Narendra Modi has defended the new citizenship law of his Hindu-nationalist government, against which protests are being held across the country.

Meanwhile, Dubai’s Gulf News, which is the Middle-East’s largest media organisation, has said that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s statement of ‘taking revenge’ against protesters is like a war on Muslims. 

It writes, “Police and administration officials in Uttar Pradesh have declared war on Muslims after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath vowed to “take revenge” on people protesting against the controversial citizenship amendment law.”

Apart from this, New Zealand’s newspaper Otago Daily Times has described the citizenship law as dangerous and aggressive. The paper has written in an article that India’s new citizenship law is dangerous because it encourages discrimination against Muslims. The article also mentions how this law undermines the constitutional commitments of a secular nation like India.

South Africa’s newspaper The Citizen covered the protest against the citizenship law outside India’s Consulate General in Johannesburg and described the new law as anti-muslim.

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