‘BJP Did Nothing For Cow Protection In 15-Year Rule’: Kamal Nath On Madhya Pradesh ‘Cow Cabinet’ Move

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‘BJP Did Nothing For Cow Protection In 15-Year Rul
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Wednesday announced the formation of a “Cow Cabinet” in the state, over which a war of words broke out between the BJP and the Congress.

State Home Minister Narottam Mishra targeted the 15-month-old Congress government for cow protection, in response to this, former CM Kamal Nath posted a series of tweets.

After the announcement of the Cow Cabinet, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that the BJP has always been a foster of Indian culture. Inspired by this sentiment, the government has decided to set up a separate cow cabinet. But the Congress government was merely speaking on making cow shelters, only the BJP govt actually bring the development here.

Reacting to the BJP government, the President of Madhya Pradesh Congress and former CM Kamal Nath tweeted, Shivraj Singh, who has repeatedly announced the formation of cow ministry before the 2018 assembly elections, has remembered the cow again. Kamal Nath further said Shivraj has changed stance to announce a cow-cabinet.

The Shivraj government did nothing for the conservation and protection of cows in the last nearly 16 years. Rather, the Congress government had reduced the amount of Rs.20 per cow provision for fodder. The Congress government had promised that when our government comes, it will construct 1,000 cow shelters.

On Tuesday, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan suddenly announced the formation of a cow cabinet. CM Shivraj Singh tweeted, it has been decided to set up a dedicated ‘cabinet' for cow protection and promotion in the state. “Departments of animal husbandry, forest, panchayat and rural development, revenue, home and farmers’ welfare will be part of the cow cabinet. The first meeting of the cabinet will be held on the day of Gopashtami on November 22 at Agar Malwa (district),” he said.

Since the announcement of the Cabinet, a trade of allegations and counter-allegations began between the BJP and the Congress in the state.

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