'Can't Lose An Inch Of Territory', Says China After Rajnath Singh Meet

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'Can't Lose An Inch Of Territory',  Says China Aft
The two-and-a-half-hour meeting between the defence ministers of India and China in Moscow hit a deadlock as the two countries blamed each other for the ongoing border dispute along the LAC in eastern Ladakh. Hours after the meeting, China's Defence Ministry said India is "entirely" responsible for the border stand-off in Ladakh and China will not lose "an inch of its territory".

"Causes and truth of the current tension on the China-India border are clear, and the responsibility entirely lies with India. China cannot lose an inch of its territory, and its armed forces are fully determined, capable and confident in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity," the Chinese said in their statement.

The Indian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying, "The aggressive attitude of the Chinese military, the arbitrary attempt to change the status quo, the mobilization of troops at the border means that China has violated bilateral agreements and during the action of the Special Representatives did not keep in mind the agreement made between the two countries.

There has been tension between India and China on the border with Ladakh since May. During this, several rounds of talks took place at the military and diplomatic level. Defence ministers of both the countries also met and held talks but no progress has been made in the direction of peace restoration.

During the meeting in Moscow, Rajnath Singh said, "Indian soldiers have always taken a responsible approach towards border management, but at the same time there should also be no doubt about our determination to protect India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity." 

“The two sides should continue their discussions, including through diplomatic and military channels, to ensure complete disengagement and de-escalation and full restoration of peace and tranquillity along the LAC at the earliest,” Singh said.

It is clear from the statement of the Defense Ministers of the two countries that talks have been going on, but the dispute on the western border is not going to end immediately. Later, the relationship between the two countries can also be severely affected by this dispute.

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