Daily Wagers Begin Foot Journey From Delhi To Gwalior

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Daily Wagers Begin Foot Journey From Delhi To Gwal
The nationwide lockdown announced on the night of March 24 has impacted daily wage labourers most severely. In the absence of transport, daily wage earners living in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and several other cities have now started walking towards their homes.

Inder Singh is a daily wage labourer at the wholesale market in capital Delhi’s Tank Road. Due to the lockdown, the entire market shut down and his daily wages also stopped.

Inder used to stay in a house with a monthly rent of Rs 3,000 but his landlord evicted him. According to Inder, he told his landlord that when his wages have stopped, how will he pay rent.

According to Inder, his mother is alone in Gwalior and it is necessary for him to go there. He has now started walking from Delhi to Gwalior along with his brother. The distance between Delhi and Gwalior is 363 kms.

Inder said that he and his brother have two notes of Rs 500 each for food expenses. This is all the money he has for expenditure while enroute to Gwalior. In one hand, he also has a bedding and a blanket.

Having been forced to take to the streets due to the lockdown, Inder says that it’s better for him to die while walking than to die in Delhi.

Some of Inder’s friends are in Delhi’s Ashram area. They said that the journey will become easier if people undertake it together.

Similarly, several families of labourers were seen on the road in Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district. On being asked, it came to light that all of them used to work in Ahmedabad and are going back to Rajasthan because work has stopped.

Meanwhile, police personnel resorted to baton charge and chased away labourers who had gathered near Delhi’s Anand Vihar Bus Terminal. Labourers from here too have started out for their homes on foot. Hundreds of labourers were seen going towards Meerut and Hapur. 

Similarly, labourers from eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are wandering from place to place. Police are chasing them off roads and state governments are not making any arrangements for their safe return.

PM Modi, too, did not make any announcement for the convenience of daily wage labourers during the nationwide lockdown.

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