Fuel Prices Hiked For 23rd Day Running, Rahul Gandhi Launches 'SpeakUp' Campaign

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Fuel Prices Hiked For 23rd Day Running, Rahul Gand
For 23 consecutive days, oil companies on Monday hiked the fuel prices, putting no end to the skyrocketing prices.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi terming the rising fuel prices ‘a loot’ by the Central Government, demanded the rollback of the hike.

He urged people to join #SpeakUpAgainstFuelHike campaign on Twitter.

He also tweeted a video in which it was said that when there is no employment in the Corona pandemic, then the increase in oil prices is sheer plunder.

On Monday, the oil companies hiked petrol prices by 5 paise and diesel by 13 paise.

Petrol prices after the revised rates:

80.43 per litre in Delhi

87.19 per litre in Mumbai

83.63 per litre in Chennai

82.10 per litre in Kolkata

Diesel prices after the revised rates:

80.53 per litre in Delhi

78.83 per litre in Mumbai

77.72 per litre in Chennai

75.64 per litre in Kolkata

The reason for the hike in prices is due to the excise duty of the Central Government, sales tax and VAT of the State Government.

But by the continuous hike in fuel prices, the Government is filling its treasury and the oil companies are seeing their profits and the common man is on the receiving end of the hike.

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