Goodbye 2020: From Politics To Science To Sports, We Recap A Year Like No Other

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Goodbye 2020: From Politics To Science To Sports,
GoNews have compiled several "look back" year-enders recapping the tumultuous year that was. We've collected all for you here so you can remember what we lived through together.

1. Looking Back At 2020: Bollywood Celebrities Who Passed Away

From #Irrfan Khan to #RishiKapoor, the year 2020 saw the demise of many beloved personalities of #Bollywood. Here, we take a moment to remember these icons and their contributions. Watch Here

2. 'Zoom'-ing Out Of 2020: A Marvelous Year For Tech

The year 2020 has been unforgettable in many ways. From changing how we work, live, or eat, the year has taught many how to survive the toughest days of their life. Tech has been a crucial aid to humans in the pandemic year, from Zoom calls to OTT platforms to COVID-19 tracking app, without tech, 2020 would have been far more troublesome than it actually was. Watch this special story as we recollect what transpired in 2020 in the tech sector across the globe . Watch Here

3. Year-Ender: 2020 Has Been Like A Nightmare For The Indian Economy

If 2019 was a nightmare for the Indian Economy, then 2020 was when it was pushed to a moribund state. The already crippled economy was hit by COVID-19 and lockdown, which resulted in the biggest damage to India's economy, among all. Watch Here

4. Looking Back At 2020: Famous Politicians Who Left The World

From Pranab Mukherjee to Tarun Gogoi, here is looking back at the famous politicians who left the world in the year 2020. Watch Here

5. Looking Back At 2020: Only Science Can Save Mankind

On the 1st of January 2020, the papers were full of stories about tensions between the #US and #Iran, bushfires in #Australia, and a businessman being smuggled out of #Japan in a guitar case. In #Britain, the conservatives were revelling in their majority and talking about getting Brexit done. Though it was also the day that the #WorldHealthOrganisation broke the news of the Novel coronavirus in #Wuhan, China. A disease that was going to dramatically change our lives as it swept like a tsunami throughout the world, killing almost 2 million people and bringing the economies to the knees. The doors of the shrines were closed and it seemed as if God had gone on leave. However, even in these difficult times, the labs did not stop working. Science kept trying to find ways to save mankind.

So when the whole world rings in #NewYear with hope, let's take a look at some major news from the world of #science this year. Watch Here

6. Looking Back At 2020: Major Political Events In The Pandemic Year

Although the year 2020 was a year of restrictions due to the pandemic, there was no holding back when it came to politics. Even during the pandemic year, the leaders jumped ships, governments formed and collapsed and political tussle continued. Let us look at the most significant events that had a major impact on the country's politics. Watch Here

7. RECAP: Top Cricket & Other Sports Moments Of 2020

Be it the great matches of the IPL or the wonderful matches between India vs Australia, the year 2020 did not disappoint the cricket lovers at all. Watch Here

8. Year Ender 2020: The Wailing Cry Of Corona

The Coronavirus continues raging across the globe, with no knowledge when it will end. But it is definitely known that the year 2020 would be remembered as 'COVID year'. Watch Here

9. Looking Back At 2020: A Year Of Highs And Lows For BJP

The year 2020 started for the BJP with CAA-NRC protests, and defeat in Delhi elections, a high-profile switch over in MP but the same could not be repeated in Rajasthan. Moreover, farm laws, passed despite strong opposition, cost BJP its allies. Though Bihar victory came as a reprieve for the BJP, which is now focused on West Bengal, its first challenge for 2021. As 2020 comes to a close, GoNews’ Anjali Ojha sums up the performance of the BJP revisiting the high and lows of the party. Watch Here


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