Gujarat Woman Constable Resigns After Spat With BJP MLA's Son Over Lockdown Violation

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Gujarat Woman Constable Resigns After Spat With BJ

States across the country are engaged in preventing COVID-19 with the help of lockdown, but the stories of the leaders and their habit of VIP culture hasn’t vanished from the discourse. Now a case of dispute between the son of BJP government minister Kumar Kanani in Gujarat and a woman constable has come up.

Minister Kumar Kanani's son’s friends violated the lockdown and called Prakash Kanani, the minister’s son who had a heated argument with Constable Sunita Yadav, and allegedly threatened the constable. Prakash allegedly told the constable that ‘we have the strength to keep you standing in the same place for 365 days.’ And later threatened of transferring the constable.

Between the two, the woman constable Sunita Yadav told the minister's son that she does a government job and not anyone’s father’s. She also said that she is not the one who does slavery to the leaders and ministers. After this, Constable Sunita Yadav has resigned from her job.

After this whole case, Surat Police Commissioner RB Brahmabhatta ordered an inquiry into the matter on Saturday and Sunita Yadav has been sent on leave till then.

In this case, however, the minister claimed that his son was going to a civil hospital to see his father-in-law undergoing treatment for the coronavirus as his condition was critical and the constable stopped him in the meantime. The minister said that his son requested to leave but the constable argued why there was MLA written on the vehicle. He also said that the two sides should have understood each other.

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