IMA Up In Arms Against Modi's Alleged Pharma Bribe Remark

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IMA Up In Arms Against Modi's Alleged Pharma Bribe
The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has raised strong objection to an alleged remark made by Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi and asked him to either furnish proof in support of his comment or apologize.

The IMA has also issued a press release in this regard, in which it asked for a clarification from the PM on his statement and also said that if it’s true, the PM should make public the names of such doctors.

The IMA press release cited reports in which PM Modi had mentioned that there is collusion between pharmaceutical companies and doctors and that top pharma companies bribe doctors with women and various benefits.

There is pandemonium among doctors because of this comment by PM Modi and now the IMA is demanding a clarification from him. However, neither PM Modi nor the Prime Minister’s Office has released any statement on this entire affair till now.

The IMA has said that with this statement, an attempt is being made to divert attention from national issues like health and other serious matters. The IMA also said that Ayushman Bharat, the flagship health scheme of the Modi government, is a non-starter and operates more in government hospitals, where treatment is already free.

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