Indians Spend Over 4 Hrs On Phone, Second Most Game Downloads

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With 11.6% Game Downloads, India Second In World
2021 proved to be a blockbuster year for smartphones. After the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, people have begun spending more time on their mobile devices, and that could make 2022 a good year for the smartphone industry.

The widespread use of mobile phones has given rise to a parallel ecosystem including everything from videogames, social media, and business meetings, and thousands of apps are available across several app stores to facilitate these and other uses. In 2021, Indians were the second most downloaders of mobile games and applications with about 11.6% downloads globally.

However, the amount spent by Indians on mobile apps and games in relatively low. Market research firm Appaine released its report on Wednesday, which tells us that despite being second in the number of app downloads worldwide and spending $170 million on videogames, India does not even figure in the top 20 globally.

The report says that India is the fifth in the world in terms of daily time spent on smartphones, spending an average of 4.42 hours on their mobile screens, behind Brazil and South Korea but more than Singapore, United States, and China.

Indians spend 699.9 billion hours cumulatively on Android apps and games, which is a 6% increase over 2020. China is first with 1.12 trillion hours, but this has fallen by 3.4% over 2020.  What is interesting is that 2021 was the second year in which time spent by Indians on mobile apps and games did not see a quarter-by-quarter rise. The report claims that compared to 2020, Indians spent less time gaming on Android devices.

Where in the second quarter of 2020, the time spent by Indians on Android mobile gaming was 347.6 million hours, in the fourth quarter of 2021 this reduced to 186.7 million hours , which is 46.2% less than its peak which was observed during the lockdown imposed during the first wave of infections of coronavirus in 2020.

In 2021, people spent 4.8 hours on mobile devices. Customers are shifting their attention and their money into smartphones. In 2021, there was a flow of $320,000 million per minute through all app stores which is 20% more than the record set in 2020.

Globally, customers are downloading more than 435,000 apps, and mobile advertisements are also expected to grow from $295 billion in 2021 to $350 billion this year.



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