India's Largest Ravan Effigy To Be Burnt In Chandigarh

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world's tallest ravan effigy
Only a few days remain till Dussehra, looking at which, preparations for burning Ravan effigies are now complete.

This year, the country’s biggest Ravan effigy, which is 221 feet tall, will be burnt in Chandigarh. Apart from its height, let’s find out what else makes this Ravan special.

This time, on Dussehra, India’s biggest Ravan effigy will be burnt in Chandigarh. It has taken six months to make this giant Ravan. A team of 40 people has worked on it. On Friday, after hard work spread over 12 hours, this Ravan, weighing 70 quintals, was erected by 150 people with the help of two cranes and two JCB machines.

Keeping in mind this year’s rains, this Ravan has been made in such a way that rainwater will not get inside it. To make this 221 feet tall Ravan, 3,000-metre cloth and 2,500-metre jute mats have been used.

Known for its moustache, this Ravan has a 25 feet long moustache, while its crown is 60 feet high and its sword is 55 feet long. It has cost Rs 30 lakh to build this Ravan. Eco-friendly fire-crackers, which cause less pollution than normal fire-crackers, have been used in this Ravan.

In the effigy, firecrackers will be set off using a remote, so that any kind of damage can be prevented. Tejinder, who has made the Ravan, had for the first time, sold his 12 acre plot of land to finance it.

After last year’s mishap on Dussehra, this time, 12 lakh thousand feet of land has been reserved for burning the Ravan effigy. This is being done to ensure that no accident occurs during the event and people can easily find a place to stand while the Ravan effigy is being burnt.

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A 221-foot #Ravan effigy, the largest in the country, stands ready to be set alight in #Chandigarh for #Dussehra@rumanaalvi4#largestRavan #DussehraCelebrations

— GoNewsIndia (@GoNews_India) October 5, 2019

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