Inflation Bites: WPI At 6 Month High, Food Items To Get Expensive!

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WPI Wholesale Inflation Food Price Rise
The rate of inflation in India refuses to budge below the double-digit figure. Data released by the commerce ministry shows that the Wholesale Inflation Rate (WPI)  was recorded at 12.96 percent in the month of January.

The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) rose by 13.56 per cent during the month of December 2021, 14.87 per cent in November last year, against 14.23. This is the tenth consecutive month that the WPI has been recorded in double digits.

The WPI of primary articles stood at 13.87 per cent, which is higher as compared to November 2021 and December 2021.

The food index has risen in the month of January. For example, the food index was 6.8 percent in November 2021, which has increased to 9.55 percent in January 2022. This means that food items have become expensive in the country in 2022 as compared to 2021.

The prices of vegetables increased by 38.45 per cent in January, as against 31.56 per cent in December 2021. Potato prices declined by (-)14.45 per cent, while onion prices declined by(-) 15.98 per cent.

On the other hand, the prices of fruits increased by 12.50 per cent last month, while those of wheat registered a rise of 10.40 per cent. In the month of January the prices of eggs, meat and fish rose 9.85 per cent, while grain prices rose by 5.48 per cent.

The WPI of fuel has been recorded at 32.27 per cent in January 2022 as compared with that of November 2021. Petrol prices increased by 62.02 percent, HSD (high-speed diesel) by 56.68 percent and LPG by 51.70 percent.


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