Maharashtra & Haryana: State Of The States

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Maharashtra & Haryana: State Of The States
Voting for the Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana ended on Monday and the results will be declared on October 24. 

Here's a look at various paremeters in these two states, which comprise population, agriculture, economy, education, law & order, elections, industry and infrastructure.


According to the 2011 census, Maharashtra has a total population of 12.80 crore and Haryana of 2.53 crore.


In terms of agriculture, Maharashtra ranks 3rd with 2,34,740 square km of cultivated land. Haryana is at 21 with 44,212 square km of cultivated land.


The economy of Maharashtra is the largest in India with a GDP of $374.196 billion. While Haryana’s economy stands at 13th rank with a GDP of $97.142. 

Maharashtra contributes 14.11% and Haryana 3.66% to the Indian economy. However, it lags behind Haryana in terms of per capita income.

The per capita income of Haryana is Rs 2,43,154 while in Maharashtra it is Rs 2,14,397.


In 2017, there are 4,724 companies registered in Haryana while Maharashtra has 19,567 registered companies.


In terms of infrastructure, Maharashtra has a power requirement of 1,49,757 MW while 11,124 MW of power is required in Haryana.


For higher education, Maharashtra houses 54 universities and Haryana has 40 universities. 

While the total number of universities across India is 903.

Law & Order:

According to the NCRB, Maharashtra registered 261,714 cases in 2016 under the IPC, while 88,527 cases were registered in Haryana. In 2016, 22,435 cases of vehicle theft were reported in Maharashtra and about 15,634 cases of vehicle theft were reported in Haryana.


In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the voting percentage on Maharashtra’s 48 Lok Sabha seats was recorded at 60.79% and on Haryana’s 10 seats, it was 70.34%.

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