Maharashtra: Health Infrastructure Crumbles Due To Corona Hit

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Maharashtra: Health Infrastructure Crumbles Due To

The healthcare structure in Maharashtra is starting to crumble due to huge spike in coronavirus cases, nearly 60 thousand patients. The latest figures of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) show that there were 645 ICU beds in Mumbai, out of which 99% have been filled. There are a total of 373 ventilators in the state, out of which 72 percent ventilators are in use.

Apart from these, 6,100 beds were arranged in the dedicated health centers for COVID-19, which are now 99% occupied with critical condition patients. In those health centers, 1,437 beds were kept for people whose condition was not much serious due to infection, those too are 80 percent full.

The Maharashtra government and BMC are making every possible effort to prevent corona infection, but the situation seems to be appalling due to the fast-growing cases in the state. Due to the lack of beds, patients and their families are forced to wander in different hospitals, which is consuming their precious time and resulting in higher deaths.

The situation may worsen if the state and central government do not take measures to increase the health infrastructure soon. So far, about two thousand people have died in the state.

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