Maharashtra Village Takes Stand Against NRC, NPR

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Maharashtra Village Takes Stand Against NRC, NPR
The government may have put the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) on the back-burner for now but the rural population of the country is worried over speculations surrounding it.

Amid ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) and NRC in various cities of the country, a village council in Maharashtra has passed a resolution against NRC and NPR.

This village, named Islak, is in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. According to villagers, the resolution was passed at a meeting of the village council on January 26 and information about the resolution has been sent to the Central government through the Ahmednagar District Collector.

The villagers have made it clear that they will begin a non-cooperation movement if their demands are not met.

The total population of Islak village is around 2,000. While there are no minority Muslim families in the village, the Dalit and tribal communities make up for 45% of the population. The villagers say that it is impossible for them to procure documents to prove their citizenship.

They say that the Dalit and tribal communities have been unable to procure their caste certificates until now, due to which they don’t benefit from government schemes. In this situation, how will such people get the documents to prove their citizenship?

The villagers have also expressed the apprehension that large-scale corruption will begin in the name of making documents. They say that citizenship is their birthright and the government should make changes in its schemes. If this is not done, they will be forced to begin a non-cooperation movement.  

Apart from the Dalit and tribal population, this village has mostly small and medium-sized farmers. Most of them believe that the ongoing exercise to prove their citizenship is creating problems for them.

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