Odisha Migrant Labourers Stranded In Surat Textile Industry

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Odisha Migrant Labourers Stranded In Surat Textile
Migrant labourers from Odisha are stranded due to the lockdown in Gujarat’s Surat, which is famous for its textile industry. These labourers, numbering thousands, used to work in the embroidery and dyeing processes in various factories in Surat. 

During the lockdown, 10-15 labourers are forced to stay in just one room. Their savings are over and due to the lockdown, mill owners have not paid them wages from March 22 to 31.

All markets are closed due to the lockdown. Mill owners say that when there is no demand in markets, what will they do by manufacturing products in their mills? It is believed that these restrictions will certainly impact the textile industry.

For the time being, these migrant labourers are subsisting in poor conditions. They are unable to procure food despite forming long queues till late at night. 

As soon as a Surat Municipal Corporation vehicle arrives, people chase it despite being hungry and thirsty.

Thousands of labourers working in Surat’s textile mills had arrived here mostly from other states. But loom factory owners have now denied entry to the labourers.

Meanwhile, talks have been held between the Chief Ministers of Odisha and Gujarat on evacuating the stranded labourers. However, it is not clear how long these labourers will have to wait for this.

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