Over 1,000 Incursions Into Indian Territory By Chinese Troops In 3 Years

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Over 1,000 Incursions Into Indian Territory By Chi
The Defence Ministry has released new figures of Chinese incursions into Indian territory. According to these, between 2016 and 2018, Chinese troops infiltrated and encroached 1,025 times around the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

According to figures presented in the Lok Sabha, 273 cases of infiltration and encroachment by Chinese troops were registered in 2016, 426 such cases were registered in 2017 and 326 such cases were registered in 2018. These figures include encroachments in the Ladakh region.

The Defence Ministry said in the Lok Sabha that troops of both nations patrol the LAC and since the LAC is not demarcated clearly, incidents of infiltration and encroachments come to light.

However, this claim by the Defence Ministry is at odds with the version of events of a Member of Parliament. Last week, BJP MP Tapir Gao had said in the Lok Sabha that Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory which is 60-70 km inside Arunachal Pradesh, but this is not receiving any mention anywhere. Gao had said that if this matter is not taken up now, then Arunachal Pradesh could prove to be the next Doklam. 

The border dispute between India and China is not new. In 2017, tensions had arisen between India and China over Doklam on the Sikkim border. Despite this, China constructed roads and border posts over there.

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