Panic After Ahmedabad Goes Into 7-Day Complete Lockdown

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Panic After Ahmedabad Goes Into 7-Day Lockdown
Gujarat’s Ahmedabad has been badly-hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Over here, 4,761 coronavirus patients have been found so far and the entire city has been closed for seven days from Thursday onward.

Apart from the supply of milk and medicines, everything is shut in Ahmedabad and there are strict restrictions in place to prevent people from stepping out.

However, when the Ahmedabad administration announced the lockdown on Wednesday, there was trepidation in this city with a population of over 55 lakh.

Crowds of people swarmed the markets to stock up on essential commodities and there was a traffic jam-like situation in various parts of the city. During this time, people even forgot to follow social distancing norms.

The reason for imposing such strict restrictions in Ahmedabad is the expeditious increase in coronavirus cases. So far, 39,165 tests have been conducted in the city, among which 4,761 people have been found infected with the coronavirus.

The biggest concern is that the infection rate in Ahmedabad is more than double the national rate. Around 20,000 people in the city are currently under quarantine and 298 people have died.

Out of the total cases in Gujarat, 70% have been reported in Ahmedabad alone. 

After this frightening reality emerged, the Ahmedabad administration has ordered vegetables, fruits and ration shops to be closed from Thursday. Supermarket and home delivery services have also been suspended till May 15.  

The administration is apprehensive that all these are possible sources of the coronavirus contagion and so, paramilitary personnel have been deployed in the city to ensure strict implementation of orders. 

In Ahmedabad, 38 companies of paramilitary forces are patrolling the streets. Among them, one Central Industrial Security Force company and four Border Security Force companies have been sent by the Centre.

Meanwhile, micro containment zones have been set up to stop the spread of the coronavirus in infected areas.

Ahmedabad Police Commissioner Ashish Bhatia said that movement of people will not be allowed in micro containment zones. There are 57 micro containment zones in the 15 police stations of the city. 

Along with this, nine private hospitals with a capacity of 1,000 beds in the city have also been taken over by the administration.

All private clinics, nursing homes and hospitals have been ordered - through a notice issued to them - to stay open for the next 48 hours and their licenses will be cancelled on not doing so.

The steadily-deteriorating situation in Ahmedabad shows that battling the coronavirus here has become a huge challenge for the Gujarat government.

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