PM Has Nothing To Show, Had To Invoke Kashmir For Votes: Mehbooba Mufti

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PM Has Nothing To Show, Had To Invoke Kashmir For
On Friday, PM Narendra Modi addressed three public rallies in Bihar. In Sasaram rally, the PM mentioned in his speech the decision to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. On this speech, Mehbooba Mufti, former J&K Chief Minister and Peoples Democratic Party President, said the BJP has nothing to show to ask for votes.

“They said you can buy land in Jammu and Kashmir, we have abrogated Article 370. Then they said that they will give free vaccines. Today PM Modi had to speak of Article 370 for votes. This government has completely failed to solve the country's problems,” Mufti said.

She did not stop at this, but further attacked the central government and PM Modi over India's GDP growth projection to be less than Bangladesh. She said that when it comes to the economy, we are even behind Bangladesh. Be it unemployment or any other issue, this government has failed on every front. When they fail on all fronts, they are reminded of Kashmir and Article 370, she added.

On Friday, PM Modi in his rally in Sasaram while attacking the Opposition said: "The NDA government abrogated Article 370. These people say that if they come back to power, they will bring back Article 370. After making such a statement, how can these people dare to ask for votes in Bihar? Is this not an insult to Bihar?”

In August last year, the Modi government had withdrawn the J&K special status by removing Article 370. During this time all the big Opposition leaders including Mehbooba Mufti were placed under house arrest. The Centre had expressed fear of instability behind it. Mehbooba Mufti was just released last week after 14 months of detention.

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