PM Kisan Scheme: Advertisements Worth Millions But Farmers Get Rs 13.33/Day

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PM Kisan Scheme: Advertisements Worth Millions But
Distrust between farmers and the Centre government in the country is continuously increasing. While farmers accuse the central government of handing over the reins of agriculture to corporate hands while the government is spending crores of rupees on advertisements claiming itself to be 'farmer-friendly'. A similar advertisement of the Ministry of Agriculture states that under the PM Kisan Nidhi Scheme, Rs 18,000 crore will be given to 9 crore farmers, which is like cumin in a camel's mouth.

Actually, under this scheme, a sum of Rs 6,000 per year will be provided to those farmer families who own land up to 2 acres. The definition of a family is husband, wife and minor children. Rs 18,000 crore may sound a big amount to you, but in the country where 54 percent people are involved in agriculture, this data does not matter much.

According to the 2011 census, the country had a household size of 4.8, i.e., 5 persons. Now if Rs 18,000 crores are distributed among 9 crores farmer families, then every family will get Rs 2000. Assuming an average of five members, the share of each family member comes to about Rs 400. Simply put, every benefited family's person gets Rs 13.33 paise for expenses. Think, how can a person's expenses of one day's food, clothes, medicines etc. be covered in Rs 13?

Note, this scheme is only to benefit those who have agricultural land. Such agricultural and landless labourers who work on the field of others did not get any help from it. Such people never get subsidy nor any other government assistance.

There is also a fact that the income of the farmers is less than the daily wage labourers working in cities. For example, the Indian government's 2015-16 data show that a farmer family in Bihar earns Rs 45,317 per annum, that is, a farmer family of Bihar earns an average of Rs 124 per day. Assuming an average of five members in a family, a person's share will come down to less than Rs 25 per day. Similarly, a farmer family in Uttarakhand earns Rs 61,833 rupees, Rs 63,285 in Odisha and Rs 71,068 in Chhattisgarh annually.

With this, the economic problems of the farmers of the country can be easily gauged.

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