Police Stations In India Without Basic Infrastructure

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Police Stations In India Without Basic Infrastruct
The condition of the police department in India is not hidden from anyone. It is imperative for the police to be equipped with all essential facilities in order to maintain law and order in the country but official figures are narrating a tale of lack of resources.

You will be surprised to know that there are some police stations in the country where there are no vehicles for patrolling, no devices for communication such as telephones and wireless sets.

It is easy to gauge what the law and order situation of areas under such police stations will be.

According to data, there are 16,587 police stations in various states of the country but there are hundreds of police stations without essential facilities.

According to figures of the Bureau of Police Research and Development, there is not even one official vehicle in 85 police stations of the country. Among these, the largest number of police stations is in Odisha (37) where the police do not have a vehicle to patrol the area and conduct inquiries.

Similarly, in Assam (15), in Meghalaya (13) and in Punjab, there are 12 police stations without any vehicle of their own.

Apart from this, there are 539 police stations in the country without a basic facility like telephones. The most such police stations are in Assam (140), while in Punjab (67), in Manipur (59), in Arunachal Pradesh (58), in Meghalaya (57) and in Tamil Nadu, 50 police stations do not have official telephones.

The biggest question is when there is no phone in the police station, then how do police personnel contact the public and their colleagues?

Similarly, there are 400 police stations without wireless and mobile phones. On the top is Madhya Pradesh, where there are no wireless and mobile phones in 59 police stations. In Tamil Nadu (55), in Manipur (25), in Punjab (18) and in Nagaland, 14 police stations do not have wireless and mobile phones.

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