Surat Crime Branch Busts Fake Currency Racket

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Surat Crime Branch Busts Fake Currency Racket
Surat Police's Crime Branch in Gujarat has busted a gang involved in printing fake currency notes. The mastermind of this gang is Radharaman Swami, a priest of the Swami Narayan temple, who was arrested from Kheda district.

Apart from the priest, four members of this gang were arrested from Surat. The first arrest in Surat was that of Pratik Dilip Chowvadiya.

When the Surat Crime Branch questioned the four accused, the mastermind of the fake currency racket was found to be Radharaman Swami. The accused revealed that fake notes were printed in the temple.

According to new National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics, the business of fake currency notes thrives the most in Gujarat.

In 2017, fake currency worth Rs 9 crore was seized from Gujarat, which is the highest in the country. Meanwhile, fake notes worth Rs 6.7 crore in Delhi, fake notes worth Rs 2.8 crore in UP and fake notes worth Rs 1.9 crore in West Bengal were seized.

NCRB figures also reveal that in 2016, fake notes worth Rs 15.1 crore were seized but in 2017, the number of fake notes doubled and a total of Rs 28.1 crore fake notes were seized that year.

Most of the fake notes are in the denomination of Rs 2,000, which was introduced after the demonetisation drive was announced on November 8, 2016. It was said then that with the implementation of demonetisation, the business of fake notes in the country will also come to an end.

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