Surat: Migrant Workers Turn Violent, Demand Being Allowed To Go Home

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Surat: Migrant Workers Turn Violent, Demand Going
Migrant labourers in Surat, Gujarat’s industrial city, are repeatedly staging protests. Now, alleging that they have been forced to work there, hundreds of labourers have resorted to stone-pelting at a diamond firm. 

After this action, the company’s employees ran away from its offices.

On getting news of the stone-pelting, the Surat Police reached the spot fully-equipped and brought the situation under control.

Labourers numbering thousands, who had gathered at the spot, alleged that the company is making them work forcibly whereas they want to go back to their home states.

Struggles between labourers, company owners and the administration are being witnessed in Surat time and again.

Earlier, in the second week of April, hundreds of textile workers had taken to the streets in protest.

Their accusation was that the Surat administration had failed to look after them and provide them food. They had said that due to the lockdown, they were facing a starvation-like situation.

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