Tinsukia: Fire Continues To Rage In Assam Gas Well

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Tinsukia: Fire Continues To Rage In Assam Gas Well
Fire continues to rage at an Oil India Limited gas well in Assam’s Tinsukia district on Saturday.

Since the breakout on June 9, Army, NDRF and foreign experts are engaged in extinguishing it. Experts had estimated that it could take at least four weeks to douse the blaze.

Oil was leaking for two weeks after which the company Oil India Limited stopped work for nearly 24 days.

The company has suffered a loss of 7,042 metric tonnes of crude oil and 9.23 million standard cubic feet of natural gas every day due to the shutdown.

Apart from this, hundreds of families, animals and birds have suffered severe damage.

After reviewing the incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to prepare a detailed report that could prove useful in future.

The area where the fire has been raging is beset with many reserve forests, wildlife sanctuaries, reservoirs and forests and bio-diversity. 

Wildlife biologist Ranjan Ghosh said that the damage to property, livelihood, security and the environment in the eco-sensitive zone of the National Park has not been compensated so far.

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