Transgender Community Banned From Entering Surat's Textile Market

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Transgender Community Banned From Entering Surat's

The transgender community has been banned from entering Surat’s textile market. Traders have taken this decision after blaming transgenders for violence.

An incident of discrimination against the transgender community in Gujarat has come to light. Merchants have banned transgenders from entering Surat’s textile market. This decision was taken by traders after transgenders beat up a person in the city.

Surat resident Gehri Lal had a clothes' shop in Surat’s Japani Market. Recently, after Lal’s baby boy was born, some members of the transgender community demanded Rs 11,000 from him. When Lal refused to pay the amount, an argument broke out between him and transgenders. The argument became so heated that both sides beat each other up. Later, having suffered injuries in the scuffle, Lal died in the hospital while undergoing treatment.

After this incident, the accused transgenders were arrested as well. Traders say that the ban on the entry of transgenders in the clothes market has been imposed because of their misbehaviour.

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