US Congress To Hear Human Rights Violation Cases In J&K

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Brad Sherman
Despite several meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump, the U.S. continues to issue its reactions on the matter of Jammu and Kashmir.

Now, the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress has announced that it will hear cases of human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

A sub-committee of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee will conduct a hearing on cases of human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir on October 22.

Brad Sherman, chairman of the sub-committee, has announced that it will hear cases related to human rights in South Asia on October 22.

Before this hearing, the House Foreign Affairs Committee has said in a tweet that the communications clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir has had a devastating effect on the daily lives of Kashmiris. These restrictions should now end so that Kashmiris can exercise their rights like people in the rest of India. 

Meanwhile, Senators of the Democratic Party continue to express their concern on the Kashmir issue.

Recently, when Democrat Senator Van Hollen was stopped from visiting the Kashmir Valley, he had raised questions on the claims made by the Central government.

Now, another Democrat Senator, Mark Warner, has tweeted on the Kashmir issue. He has said that he understands India’s concerns on security-related issues, but is worried because of restrictions imposed on the medium of communications and the movement of people. He said he hopes that India will live up to its democratic principles by allowing freedom of the press, information, and political participation.

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