Uttar Pradesh Has The Highest Number of Illegal Weapons In The Country: NCRB

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Uttar Pradesh Has The Highest Number of Illegal We

The much-talked-about Kanpur encounter revealed that the criminals who ambushed eight policemen on July 2 were armed with sophisticated weapons like AK-56. Statistics from the National Crime Record Bureau also prove that Uttar Pradesh is the biggest illegal arms mine in the country, where this business has taken the form of industry.

According to the data, in the year 2018, about 74,477 weapons were seized by the policemen across the country. Of these, only 3,742 weapons were licensed and the rest were illegal.

In Uttar Pradesh, 34,105 weapons were confiscated from criminals, out of which 2,576 weapons were licensed. In fact, every other illegal weapon seized by the police in the country was seized in Uttar Pradesh.

Of these, 2,739 weapons were recovered from anti-national elements, while 31,366 weapons were seized from goons. The recovery of such a huge amount of weapons shows how high the morale of criminals is in Uttar Pradesh and how much it is used in the state.

The second place is Madhya Pradesh from where a total of 14,227 weapons were seized by the police. 7,334 in Rajasthan, 4,160 in Bihar, and 2,796 in West Bengal were seized by the police.

Compared to these, the police confiscated fewer arms in states that are battling Naxalism and terrorism. Just 433 weapons were seized in Jammu and Kashmir, 573 in Punjab, 736 weapons were seized in Jharkhand and 1,025 were seized in Chhattisgarh.

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