6.5 Lakh Medical Kits Shipped From China To India

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6.5 Lakh Medical Kits Shipped From China To India
6.5 lakh COVID-19 test kits, including Rapid Antibody Tests and RNA Extraction Kits, have been shipped from China to India as the fight against the novel coronavirus intensifies.

Despite a nationwide lockdown being imposed in the country since March 24, the number of coronavirus patients is increasing very rapidly.

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According to the latest data, while 12,380 people have contracted the coronavirus so far, the death toll stands at 414.

The Health Ministry informs that while 1,489 people have been discharged from hospital after treatment, 10,477 active patients are being treated in various hospitals across the country.

Amid this, Vikram Misri, Ambassador of India to China, has informed that 6 lakh 50 thousand kits for rapid testing and RNA extraction have been dispatched from the Guangzhou Airport to India.

After reaching India, rapid testing will begin in several areas of the country, including Delhi.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, 2 lakh 75 thousand people have been tested for the coronavirus in the country so far.

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